Cloud Software

You can monitor the electricity usage of residential electricity system using our WiFi energy meter and Iammeter system. Iammeter system can generate the electricity bill on daily/monthly basis and also provide the comprehensive report for you to understand your electricity bill and energy consumption easily.


Quick view energy consumption and bill

View the energy consumption and your electricity bill on the same page for different places.

Set the billing date

You can set the billing date so the system will calculate the monthly electricity bill based on the start date you set, if you billing date doesn’t start from 1st of each month.

Billing report

Iammeter system can generate electricity billing report for users.

Comprehensive Energy Comsumption Analysis

Iammeter system can generate Comprehensive Energy Consumption Analysis for users

Load Analysis

Iammeter system can generate Load Analysis Report for users.

Abnormal Data Analysis

Iammeter system can generate Abnormal Data Analysis Report for users. You can set the normal range for any parameters, then the system will list all the data which is out of the preset range.

Agent Account

You can apply an Agent Account for two level management by two different system for Agent and End User